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Johnny Yim


Instagram:  @johnnyyim




"When I had the chance to decide between surviving and living, there's no doubt I would choose to live."

"I chose to serve with music.  I hope that when you hear my music every time, you feel lifted and loved, even though we had never met in person"

Johnny Yim

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Johnny Yim is a music producer, composer, arranger and pianist based in Hong Kong SAR.

Johnny has been a true music lover since childhood.  With tremendous influence from his parents, Johnny was brought up in a family where musical instruments were very accessible, and music were played every minute in the household, thanks to the parents who were musician and dance choreographer.

Throughout his school days, Johnny performed in various venues in Toronto, Ontario, focusing mainly on pop music.  Upon returning to Hong Kong, Johnny won the 16th CASH songwriting quest and started his career in the Hong Kong pop industry.

In 2008, Johnny started to direct concerts for the well-known pop star, Hins Cheung. Together they created the 2010, 2014, and 2018 concert series, and the 2020 concert with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee 2013 concerts were also the works of JY, where they toured for almost 2 years around the world, bringing their best to audience from Australia, USA, Canada, China and SE Asia.  Other concerts directed by Johnny include Hana Kuk, Gigi Leung, Daniel Chan, Lily Chan, Jade Kwan, Susanna Kwan, Sita Chan, Joyce Cheng, Alfred Hui, C Allstar, Linda Chung, Samantha Lam, and Stephy Tang.  Most recently in 2020, Johnny composed with Yoichiro Takagi, and arranged for Japanese star Yoshida Akari of NMB48 for her graduation.

Johnny has great passion on serving God with music.  In 2017, he started a Christian music ministry named "Gsus Music Ministry".  The main goal of the ministry is to bring talented young musicians to the industry, and bring them to the light of the Gospel.

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